esp vs mta


Does it make more sense to use an email service provider(ESP) or an MTA driven stand-alone email platform?

Ultimately, the answer to this question is not simply one or the other. There are many variables to consider, and many successful mailers use both. For example, ESP’s typically charge by volume therefore its not likely cost effective for high-volume mailers. It’s also no secret that ESP’s are strict in terms of the types of advertisements and content you can publish. Despite these difficulties, they usually have an improved delivery and a better chance of inboxing.

Setting up an MTA can be complicated, but you have more freedom and fewer restrictions. Volume in most cases is not capped, so you have the ability to send a greater amount. Also, you have more control over the content and 3rd party offers you choose to run. This greater flexibility allows you to diversify your income with numerous ads across a variety of networks. Whereas, with an ESP your income is limited because your advertisements are restricted.

In conclusion, if you need more freedom and greater volume you might want to explore MTA platform options. If you’re strategy is to mail low-volume with minimal offers, an ESP may work better for you. Again, the most successful mailers utilize multiple MTA platforms and email service providers.


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