Private Fully-Hosted Software Solution

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We've been helping companies generate, manage, and monetize data for the past 15 years. Our focus has been on all things technically related to data management. This includes building the servers that store the data, managing the networks that transfer the information, and developing the databases and software which provide all the tools you will need.

Also, unlike other companies that store client data in a single database, our service provides each individual client with their own dedicated system, database, and login, separate from everyone else.

Having serviced data companies for more than a decade, we're well familiar with the tools required to successfully market and monetize information. Our custom-built, user-friendly, list management system is loaded with everything your marketing team needs to succeed.

What is the key to the success? Knowing your data.

Understanding your list demographics related to gender, location, age, email, and activity are essential for data management.

Importing and exporting data with ease, less fuss with csv files, and  no more complicated data feed setups.

With integrated creative management and a powerful built-in MTA, managing your marketing campaigns is as simple as a few clicks. Store html creatives, track opens and clicks, and much more.

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Cloud-Based Data Management

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Remotely access supported cloud versions of Data MCP with just a web browser

Protect Your Data

Automated backups, password-protected connections, and off-site storage helps prevent loss

Save Money on Technology

Save money without onsite server costs and lower IT costs. Save time with our fully-hosted solution

Built for Scalability

Our data management software solution was created with the intention of you growing your business