This video explains the domain filtering capabilities of your Data MCP platform. As you’re going through these videos and you’re asking yourself, ‘why Data MCP?’ consider how important filtering domains is. When you’re sending data to hygiene companies, queuing campaigns, or exporting data, filtering campaigns is essential and will ultimately save you money.

The domain filtering capabilities of Data MCP is controlled in the advanced section – click on ‘domain filters’ and it brings up a very simple control panel. In this example, we’re looking up the USA Big 4 domain group that we have set up in the system which includes these common emailed domains. This way we’re assured if we’re sending a campaign to email or if we’re queuing a list for hygiene, only these domains will be exported.

So, to create a custom domain, it’s very simple as well. On the drop-down you simply create a new group, you give the new group a name – so let’s say we’re targeting a specific domain in the UK, a common domain like ‘btinternet’, and we just want to target ‘’ with this group. We simply create the group and the domain and we have the filter, and ‘btinternet’ is now at the top of the list and this option will appear wherever you see the domain filtering option, either in your hygiene section, in your export section, or when you’re queuing campaigns.

Creating custom filters is very simple and very important to managing your data efficiently and will ultimately save you money in the long run.

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