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Data MCP is a highly secured, state-of-the-art, web-based enterprise data management and email delivery system. Data MCP includes tools for managing data, creatives, campaigns, MTA's, feeds, ESP's, SMTP relay's, and more.

One size does not fit all! In order to maximize your success with our system, it helps to match with the right type of client. Our system is easy to use, but requires a certain level of experience and does not necessarily make sense for beginners.

Simply submit the following information to your account representative for billing: Company Name, Primary Contact First and Last Name, Address, City State Zip Country, primary email address, and phone number.

You will receive an invoice containing payment information and options, including Paypal and wire transfer. Upon receipt of payment, we will provision your server within 24 hours, and send you log in credentials.

After you have received your credentials you and your account manager can schedule training sessions until your comfortable with the controls.

To utilize ESP and MTA features, clients must provide their own host and IP's. Minimum system requirements for remote hosts are based on expected utilization.

Typical configurations will include CentOS(Linux) operating system, 2GB RAM, 40GB HD, 100MBPS Link, plus additional IP Addresses.

Contact support for additional assistance.

Data MCP is specifically designed not to send email. This is why we require at least a minimum of one remotely hosted IP address. The built-in MTA feature is installed on the remote host. For security purposes access to the remote host is restricted after installation.

MTA simply stands for mail transfer agent. It is the software you use to send email. Our custom-built MTA can inbox all domains thanks to advanced DNS controls including SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication. Send email on your IPv4 or IPv6 network allocations.

Our scale-able engine is capable of sending as fast OR as slow as you want. Adjust speed throttle control according to recipient domains.

Track opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces to maintain clean active lists. Fully CAN SPAM compliant zero tolerance abuse policy.

No, clients are required to source their own mailing IPs and register their own domains in accordance with legal and compliant mailing practices. Our team can manage this installation for you if necessary.

* IP limits may be enforced based on available system resources. We recommend network ranges varying in size between /28 (13 IPs) - /24 (252 IPs) per MTA license.

Unlimited means unlimited! Featured in all packages, store as much data as you want, from as many sources as you want. Our fixed monthly fee is all you will be charged. There are no hidden fees or additional charges. No caps means no caps!

Enjoy the convenience of scrubbing your data with the click of a button right from DataMCP! Scrub a single list, or a combination of lists, while filtering domains, location, gender and more.

You'll be required to create and maintain an account with Impression Wise, Sift, or your favorite hygiene provider. Related service fees are solely between you and your hygiene provider. We do not charge service fees or impose any limits on how much data you cleanse.

Unfortunately, there is no demo available at this time. However, we are working to have an introductory video completed and online in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy a risk-free 7-day full money back guarantee, and explore Data MCP and all its capabilities for yourself.

All of them. API controls may need to be added or developed at no additional charge, but relay functionality is fully operational.

If the ESP uses SMTP relay, Data MCP is ready to mail. Some ESP's may require custom API development to complete integration, performed upon request at no additional charge.

The pro package permits only one ESP or relay installation. For additional ESP and relay account installation, the Elite package is required.

We don't impose any volume limits - your resources and target domains will determine your outbound maximum volume.