I am happy to announce this week that we have completed integration with SiftLogic. This means you can scrub your lists, with the push of a button, using the two most popular hygiene agencies, Impressionwise and Sift Logic. Of course, you need an account with any hygiene agency you might choose. We do not charge for scrubbing through our system, nor do we charge for the volume of data in your database.

When you consider the ability to refine searches with various filters, and deduping against prescreened data, you can lower your hygiene costs through efficiency, cleansing “only exactly” what you need.

You can choose the degree to which your data is scrubbed, setting the intensity levels for each provider.

No more hassle exporting data, coping ftps, waiting for results, downloading results, importing the suppression back into your databases.. Sheesh.. its a hassle just thinking about all the steps DataMCP eliminates..

Get started today and make your life a whole lot easier…