Is your current platform overpriced, or letting you down? Maybe you don’t have access to the SMTP controls and reports that increase your productivity and efficiency. Data MCP’s in-house MTA is ready and waiting for your IPs.

Cost Savings
First, it’s more than likely that the cost to operate your IPs on the Data MCP network is lower than what you’re currently paying.

Technical Support
Our experienced network team provides all the assistance to move and maintain your domains and IPs, saving you the technical burden so you can focus on what you do best! All support services are included with no additional charges.

Superior Delivery
It’s a known fact Data MCP’s in-house MTA delivers better, and maintains a higher IP reputation longevity than its competitors. Speed controls and response throttling are just a couple of the many advanced settings at your finger tips.

Rapid Deployment
You may be used to people dragging their feet and unanswered support tickets, but here at Data MCP we realize that time is money, and downtime is lost money! It’s our job to get you online as fast as possible, and keep you online as long as you’re in operation.

When you choose to move your IPs to the Data MCP network, our support team will be responsible for your uptime 24/7/365! Contact us today to get started.