Data MCP now integrated with HitPath, HasOffers, and CAKE Affiliate Networks

Many affiliate networks use one of 3 major platforms to support their tracking services. HitPath, HasOffers, and CAKE are 3 of the most popular systems and represent a large portion of the active affiliate networks that mailers use to monetize their data.


Advanced mailers also use one of these 3 popular systems for their own internal tracking purposes, which is why we thought it was important to connect Data MCP to these popular affiliate network platforms.


The benefit of using Data MCP with one of these tracking systems is that alongside your delivery and click tracking statistics, affiliate marketers can now view conversions and track revenues for each individual campaign.


With the ability to connect to multiple networks using a variety of platforms, Data MCP will save you the time of logging into your different affiliate networks to track conversions and earnings. Instead, see how campaigns perform side by side, and compare ad network revenue instantly, at a glance.


Ask your favorite ad network if they’re using HitPath, HasOffers, or CAKE. If so, let us handle the rest.


Save time, earn more, and contact us today.